FSC® 100% Pod Mahogany

As the name Pod mahogany (Afzelia quanzensis) suggests, this species shares the favourable appearance and stability characteristics associated with American and African mahogany, although it is considerably heavier and harder.

  • Construction  Construction
  • Decking  Decking
  • Doors and Windows  Doors and Windows
  • Exterior Furniture  Exterior Furniture
  • Interior Furniture  Interior Furniture
  • Flooring Parquet  Flooring Parquet
  • Guitars and other Stringed Instruments  Guitars and other Stringed Instruments
  • Household Products  Household Products
  • Knives  Knives
  • Turning  Turning

Pod mahogany is virtually identical to other Afzelia species from West and Central Africa, often marketed under the trade names Afzelia and Doussie.

Pod Mahogany is considered valuable in a wide variety of applications where durability and stability are important, including boat building, decking, flooring, window and doors and musical instruments.