FSC® 100% East African afzelia

East African afzelia (Afzelia quanzensis) is interchangeable with other Afzelia species from West and Central Africa, often marketed under the trade name Doussie.


  • Construction  Construction
  • Decking  Decking
  • Doors and Windows  Doors and Windows
  • Exterior Furniture  Exterior Furniture
  • Interior Furniture  Interior Furniture
  • Flooring Parquet  Flooring Parquet
  • Guitars and other Stringed Instruments  Guitars and other Stringed Instruments
  • Household Products  Household Products
  • Knives  Knives
  • Turning  Turning

Other names: mkongo (Swahili), pod mahogany, doussie, chanfuta

Uses: East African afzelia is considered valuable in a wide variety of applications where durability and stability are important, including boat building, decking, flooring, window and doors and musical instruments.

Average dried weight: 800-900kg/m3 at 12% MC

Janka hardness: 1,810 lbf (8,050 N)

The wood is rated as very stable in service