FSC® 100% African Lignum Vitae

African lignum vitae (Acacia nigrescens) is one of the hardest known woods shares many qualities and woodworking characteristics with true lignum vitae from South America.


  • Decking  Decking
  • Exterior Furniture  Exterior Furniture
  • Flooring Parquet  Flooring Parquet
  • Guitars and other Stringed Instruments  Guitars and other Stringed Instruments
  • Household Products  Household Products
  • Industrial  Industrial
  • Knives  Knives
  • Turning  Turning

Other names: knobthorn

Uses: African lignum vitae is ideally suited to applications where durability and impact resistance are valued such as decking and flooring. It's also highly suited for tool handles, knife making and other consumer products which require hard, durable wood

Average dried weight: 1100-1200kg/m3 at 12% MC

Janka hardness: 4335 lbf (19080 N)