Fair trade

Forest path - Fair Trade

In rural areas of Tanzania, jobs are scarce and people survive primarily through small-scale farming - typical household incomes are less than $1 per day.

Kikole kids

Sound and Fair is committed to changing this dynamic through the ethical trade in timber and wooden products.

African Lingum Vitae

In a remote area of Southern Tanzania, where large, intact forests remain, a group of communities have established forest reserves where they are responsible for forest management and in return they keep 100% of the revenue from timber sales.

FSC Pod mahogany standing tree

175,000 hectares have been secured as forest reserves and are now FSC® Certified, the highest standard for forest management.

Black wood log

In partnership with these communities, Sound and Fair is developing a timber processing facility close to the primary forest reserves.

As well as benefiting from the log sale revenue, community members will be given full time employment at the sawmill with other members benefiting from support roles around the timber operations.

Wood Beams

And over time, Sound and Fair aims to develop various spin-off enterprises in partnership with the communities in sectors such as furniture making and wooden household products.

Kikole community around a tree

Jasper Makala, the CEO of MCDI, an NGO that assists communities with establishing forest reserves, recently said “Through the fair trade in FSC® 100% hardwoods we are starting to see the transformation of livelihoods for forest-dependent people in Tanzania, with the foundations laid for new schools, improved healthcare, clean water supplies and diversified incomes”.